Alok Bhatia – Founder

The ever so enigmatic. Alok Bhatia is the forerunner of Sync IT Learning with 21 years of BA/QA/PM/DA field experience. He dreamt big and started his own company recognizing that IT is just common sense wrapped up in a lot of jargon. Using this thought, his pattern of training evolved into what it is now and made Sync IT Learning the leading company in its field in the Bay Area.

Afshan Muneer – Co-Founder

The powerful and intense leader of Sync IT Leaning, Afshan Muneer, has been a force to reckon with in Silicon Valley for the last 14 years. Having worked in Training and development, Employee development, Personnel Awareness for more than 7 years, designed IT Courseware and Educational Counseling, Expert at IT and staffing, business development for close to 14 years and employee development leadership roles for International market including but not limited to USA, UK, India, Middle East. She has a pulse to understand the needs of billion-dollar corporations as well as the career development needs of individuals. Afshan formed Sync IT Learning with the sole purpose of giving professionals a platform to better themselves by constantly improving with education. When she is not busy professionally capturing new customer accounts, or starting new certifications in Sync IT Learning.

Sapna Kohli – Co-Founder

Sapna Kohli runs the operations for Sync IT Learning. Whether it is interacting with the trainees on the days of training, or making sure the facilities are spic and span for the delight of the trainers and trainees, or making sure that trainers have all the material they need, Sapna does it with a smile. She is there to greet our guests and makes sure that everything is running like a well-oiled machine. With her gregarious nature, Sapna gives excellent customer service!